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Big Ben Rotisserie 72

Big Ben Rotisserie 72 will challenge the barbecue chicken world


ROI, return of investment is not only in equipment purchase but also in the operating costs.

Meat cost is what it is. Labor and fuel we took by the horns. The purpose behind the design of this cooker was to create an end product of chicken leg quarters or halves compatible to whole chickens done on a rotisserie. A couple facts.

Rotisserie has that great result from 100% self-basting.

Direct grilling makes for a nice crisp skin. Indirect cooking eliminates black char. How do you get it all? Self-basting, direct fire, no flare ups, less fuel, less labor, and minimum investment.

After cooking over 15,000 lbs of chicken on these rotisserie cookers we knew it is accomplished. This direct fired charcoal cooker is the ultimate in chicken cooking. Adjustable sandwich grates will hold anything from boneless to large halves and pork ribs. This concept is a true self-basting rotisserie using 30% less charcoal and easily operated by one person. Both sides of meat will be exposed to direct heat in every rotation creating bbq chicken that most chefs only dream about. 36” w and 72” long cooker.

8 sandwich grates, 16” x 32” will hold approximately 180 lbs of chicken.


8 rotating hanging grates option. (shown below)
At least 3, 10lb. butts fit on each grate.
1 full size plus 1 half size pan fit on each grate.
This is showing the smaller proto type. New ones are
deeper. Call us on production status.
This cook was done direct fire with charcoal and wood
chunks for smoke.

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