The Wellspring Story

Four generations ago, in the mid 1950's, a man, who grew up in the hills of the Ohio Swiss Valley gathered a forge, an anvil and the accessories and set up shop outside of Shipshewana, Indiana. He rolled up his sleeves and started serving the surrounding farming community. Big Ben Miller is gone, but his legacy of serving the community continues to this day. The coal forge is in storage and has been replaced by gas-fired furnaces. The anvil sitting in the middle of the action at the metal fab shop of Wellspring Components LLC, is symbolic of the legacy. Fourth generation family members continue to hammer out their creations on the anvil's scarred surface. Now, four generations later, the blacksmith & carriage shop has evolved into multiple divisions serving various markets including the local community.

The Wellspring BBQ division was created after years of endless creations. Needless to say, offering the Big Green Egg, the leader in ceramic grills, created new visions. Today Wellspring manufactures a line of aluminum grill cabinets for all ceramic grills and modular units to create complete outdoor kitchens. They design, manufacture and market commercial, competition, and backyard barbecue equipment. The latest is a new revolutionary concept of a rotisserie style barbecue cooker for large volumes of chicken, ribs, pork butts or similar meat cuts.

Even though Wellspring utilizes laser cutting, CNC bending, pulse welding and other technologies, it continues to be grounded in that legacy of the anvil, tongs, and fire. Unknown to many, Wellspring is one of few in the world that still forges and heat treats tapered leaf springs as it was done over a hundred years ago for the horse drawn carriage and 1st generation auto industry. Wellspring craftsmen are still grounded in this legacy as they create value with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. The aluminum grill cabinet is a good example of these timeless pieces.

We're not using an actual picture of Big Ben but anybody that remembers him would declare this is him in his environment. Ben loved the Lord and had no children but was "uncle Ben" to many.

Great nephew; Norman Yoder / Designer
Great, great nephew; Delmer Yoder/ Production manager
Great, great nephew, Arlin Yoder / Sales manager

Big Ben

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