The Wellspring Story

Welcome to Wellspring Components, where four generations have shaped a legacy of craftsmanship since the 1950s. Explore our rich heritage that defines Wellspring.

Big Ben's Legacy

In the mid-1950s, a man from the hills of the Ohio Swiss Valley set up a blacksmith and carriage shop with a forge, an anvil, and accessories. He rolled up his sleeves and started serving the farming community just outside Shipshewana, Indiana.

Big Ben is gone, but Wellspring Components remains grounded in the legacy of the anvil, tongs, and fire—four generations strong.

Blacksmith shop
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Forming A Name

Before Wellspring, there was Wana Coach and Company. Wellspring Components describes a never-ending flow of products and is as diverse as we are.

We made the switch in 2007, and since then, our name has been a constant example of our branding.

Wellspring Components sign
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Forging Results

Wellspring Components is more than a name. And we don't take creating commercial, competition, and backyard barbecue equipment lightly. From grill cabinets to smoker and rotisserie units, our craftsmen combine the best of modern and old-fashioned technology.

With four generations of design behind us, try Wellspring barbecue equipment to experience rich flavor—you can’t find anywhere else.

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