Big Ben
Rotisserie Series

Keep flavor and moisture in your meals with the Big Ben Rotisserie! Easy-to-use, this rotisserie cuts down labor and fuel costs—while producing the perfect texture for chicken, brisket, pork butts, and more.
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Commercial Big Ben Rotisserie with racks of meat cooking outdoors.

Operate the Big Ben single-handedly with its nonstop rotation and self-basting at every turn.

Unlike other rotisseries, the Big Ben recycles juices while grates rotate. Juices flow to the center and back out with each rotation and excess drippings fall onto the charcoal. This means juices have longer exposure to the surface of the meat, preventing flare-ups—and adding flavor.

Operating like a full-chamber convection fan, the Big Ben keeps temperatures consistent with each grate of meat.

Try switching out sandwich grates with hanging baskets to hold large pieces of meat or foil pans. No matter what you’re cooking, with the Big Ben, you can enjoy mouth-watering perfection every single time.

Big Ben
Rotisserie 78

  • Overall Size: 44"d x 98"w x 63"h (with Trailer Size: 52"d x 128"w x 76"h)
  • Cooking Chamber: 36"d x 78"w x 47"h
  • Standard fuel is charcoal: lump or briquette
  • Single-person operation
  • Quick adjust clamps
  • Nonstop rotation
  • Holds more moisture and flavor with 4-point self-basting
  • Available with hanging rotating grates
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Big Ben Rotisserie 78
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Big Ben
Rotisserie 40

  • Overall Size: 44"d x 60"w x 63"h (74" high with casters)
  • Cooking Chamber: 36"d x 42"w x 46"h
  • Half the size of Big Ben 78, but still has all the features you love
  • Made for backyard cookouts, catering, and small businesses
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Big Ben Rotisserie 40
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Big Ben In Action

The Big Ben series integrates thoughtful design with functional features to enhance the rotisserie cooking process. Discover how each element contributes to consistent and satisfying results.

4-Point Self-Basting System

Not all rotisseries are created equal. Unlike other units on the market, the Big Ben recycles juices and offers non-stop self-basting through four rotational points.

Point 1 & 2: At point 1, juices from your load of meat flow toward the center of the Sandwich Grates, keeping meat tender and moist.

At point 2, juices move away from the center and drip on the fire—offering smoky flavor at every turn.

4-Point self-basting system diagram

Points 3 & 4 are both transitional phases, where juices from upper grates drip onto the lower grates, meaning meat doesn’t lose out on moisture. Savor that melt-in-your-mouth texture with a rotisserie that delivers succulent meals every time.

Making mouth-watering meals is easy with a rotisserie that operates above and beyond industry standards. Big Ben retains that unbeatable rotisserie flavor at every turn—so you never have to stress about dry, bland meat.

Convection Heat Chamber

Maintaining temperature is one of the most important parts of cooking. The Big Ben offers draft control to provide consistent results with every load.

Acting like a full chamber convection fan, grates rotate constantly, and each side of meat is temporarily in direct heat as the grates turn. Rotating between the low and high heat zones keeps meat cooking evenly and retains moisture throughout the entire cooking process.

With controlled air flow and consistent even cooking, Big Ben delivers flavorful rotisserie meals that melt in your mouth.

Convection heat chamber diagram

Rotisserie Hanging Grates

Double your cooking space with Big Ben! Our Rotisserie Hanging Grates are perfect for larger pieces of meat like briskets, pork butts, whole birds, ribs, and more.

Plus, you can interchange Sandwich Grates or Hanging Grates on the arms in any configuration. Options are limitless with a rotisserie that always offers the best use of space.

  • Each grate holds 1 full-sized and 1 half pan or 3 half pans
  • 8 hanging grates: 35" L x 13" D
Hanging grates diagram

Sandwich Grates

Our Sandwich Grates are perfect for all your favorite rotisserie style meals. Quick-adjust clamps “sandwich” meat between two flat grates, holding uneven pieces secure while grates rotate. Set the depth of these grates according to your cut of meat and evenly cook large batches with an accessory that works for burgers, chicken wings, leg quarters, boneless thighs, chicken halves, pork chops, ribs, and more!

Quick-Adjust Clamps

Our Quick-adjust Clamps are designed specifically for the Big Ben Rotisserie and can’t be found anywhere else on the market. Easily switch between three load sizes with these easy-to-use clamps, so you can cook thinner and thicker loads evenly.

Learn About the Big Ben Rotisserie's Patent-Pending

Quick-Adjust Clamps Features

  • Clamps allow for smooth single-person loading and unloading of grates filled with meat.
  • Keeps meat clamped firmly grates firmly in place, even when upside down.
  • Smooth operating hand lever with detents in open and closed positions.
  • Easily install or replace the clamping mechanism on the grate holder with two bolts.
  • Offer three mounting positions for thin, medium, or thick loads of meat and vegetables.
  • Flexible spring clamp compensates for variations in final load thickness.

Optional Clamp Screw

An alternative to the Quick-adjust Clamps is manually adjusting the clamp screws located on the Big Ben grate holder. These clamp screws adjust with a small cordless impact and hold sandwich grates in place to accommodate all types of meats. With some experience you'll be able to judge how to adjust the clamp screws according to each load of meat and/or vegetables.

Clamp bulky load
#1 - Bulky Load
Clamp medium load
#2 - Medium Load
Clamp light load
#3 - Light Load

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