Tri-Flame 60 BBQ Grill

Attention BBQ Lovers!

One grill. Endless Options.

Backyard. Cater. Fundraise.

Designed with a 24” x 59” grate, the Tri-Flame 60 is perfect for family gatherings, catering, and fundraising. For small or big occasions, this unit can hold up to:

  • 40 lbs. of boneless/skinless chicken thighs
  • 60 lbs. of bone-in chicken
  • 24 ribs with rib rack
  • 12 pork butts (10 lbs. each)
Smoker. Roaster. Grill.

Capable of all types of BBQ, the Tri-Flame 60 provides all the hardware you need to cook and serve large meals—without compromising on flavor.

Grill, smoke, or roast your meat with:

  • 12+ hours of slow, even draft control
  • A 24” x 59” Flat Grate/ Chicken Turner/Sandwich Grate
  • Lock-in grate pins for balancing and securing grate
  • A Pull-Out Charcoal Pan
Buy. Invest. Impress.

With the ability to grill, smoke, or roast, the Tri-Flame 60 is the trifecta of grilling units. Designed to impress caterers and BBQ pros everywhere, the Tri-Flame 60 comes with:

  • Sandwich grate that can be turned with the lid closed
  • Space to roast a whole hog or grill a grate full of meat
  • Built-in Torsion Axle and Turn Lights for transportation

Tri-Flame 60 Exclusive options

  • Stop-Tail-Turn-Lights
  • Torsion Axle
  • Size: 27” x 62”
  • Weight: 395lbs
  • Standard Fuel: Charcoal
  • Pullout Charcoal Pan
  • Grate Lock-in Pins
  • Sandwich Flipper Grate: 24” x 59”
  • Flat Grate: 24” x 59”
  • Pork Butt Capacity: 12, 10lb each
  • Ribs: 24 with rib rack
  • Bone-in Chicken: 60lbs
  • Boneless Chicken Thighs: 40lbs
  • Gas: Optional
  • 2nd Tier Grate: Optional
  • Rib Rack: Optional
  • Indirect Cook Drip Tray: Optional
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The Tri-Flame is available in both a towable model and a patio version model. Both models come with the option of a gas-powered burner and a unique charcoal tray that fits over the burner.

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One grill. Endless Options.

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