JobTamer: Heavy-Duty Tool Organizers for Service Trucks, Vans, and Garages

JobTamer trailer setup

Let’s face it. When you’re on the road, keeping tools organized can be a headache.

Going from one jobsite to another with equipment and tools getting mixed up feels like a nightmare.

Before we built our own line of organizers, we found ourselves losing time and money by trying to keep tools in place in our workshop.

After searching for a solution, we were frustrated with the lack of heavy-duty tool organizers on the market.

That’s when we took matters into our own hands.

We founded JobTamer—a business focused on heavy-duty tool organizers—with products designed to counter disorganization for handymen, construction workers, electricians, and other on-the-go workers.

So, if you’ve found yourself searching for on-the-job tool organizers, look no further.

We’ve custom-designed tool organizers for our shop—and now we’re installing these tool organizers in service trucks, vans, and garages—for your convenience.

The Beginning of Taming Our Workflow

It’s simple. Frustration is a distraction from what needs to be done.

And when the efficiency of your workflow goes up, your frustrations go down.

At JobTamer, we practice a minimalistic approach to work—so hitting a wall with product development was frustrating to say the least.

“Should searching for tools and equipment really stall our workflow?” we asked.

We did the math, and it wasn’t hard to see that pausing a job to look for tools was costing us per project (and in the long run).

All businesses start to solve a problem.

We started JobTamer to reduce frustrations for other designers and creators on and off the road.

Once our JobTamer tool organizer products were in place, we noticed an uptick in our workflow and efficiency. That was a win for us!

The next step was sharing these tool organizers with others.

Custom Tool Organizers for Any Industry

Have you ever found a product that solves a problem for you, and you automatically want to share it with others?

That’s what JobTamer products were for us. Custom-designed stations, bins, pegboards, and more to organize our tools on the jobsite daily.

We couldn’t help but share the benefits of great tool organization with others.

Here’s a list of our tool organizers simplified below.

Packout™ Stations (Toolbox Organizers)

Our Packout™ Stations look like a cabinet with shelves or slide-out drawers stacked on top of each other for easy-access to your Packout™ kits.

This is a sleek toolbox organizer, so you can stop worrying about stacking and unstacking Packout kits to find the right tools.

Heavy-Duty Parts Bin

The Heavy-duty Parts Bin is a tool storage system that combines multiple bins into one tool organizer shelf with dividers. Shelves and bins come with adjustable stacking, depths and lengths. There are standard lock-hooks on both ends of the shelves.

Steel Organizer Board

A steel lock-hook tool storage pegboard that keeps your tools and accessories in place. No more tools falling off the pegboard while you’re driving or working.

The lock-hook systems keeps tools firmly secured at all times.

Picking Cart

The Picking Cart comes in a standard cart model—or can be upgraded to include an optional shelf, shrink-wrap holder, and pegboard.

Transport tools in and out of your service truck or around your shop with this powder-coated steel Picking Cart.

Tool Bench (Customizable)

Introducing a fully customizable tool bench! Made with powder-coated aluminum and heavy-duty drawer gliders for years of use, you can request height, length, and depth for this Tool Bench.

An optional toolbox hook with a shelf adds a little more storage space to the lock-hook pegboard installed behind the counter of this Tool Bench.

From our Tool Bench to our Packout™ Stations, each of our products is designed with a minimalistic mindset.

You don’t need to add more equipment to your workspace. You need to organize your existing tools and equipment for maximum efficiency.

JobTamer tool organizers are products that minimize chaos in your existing workspace—while increasing efficiency.

Here’s how to use our tool organizers for your jobsite.

How to Use Tool Organizers for Service Trucks

Each of our tool organizer products helps systemize your tool storage system for your garage, service van, truck, or more.

We can create a tool organizer wall in your service vehicle or trailer with our Heavy-Duty Parts Bin on one side—plus keep your Packout toolboxes neatly separated with our Packout™ Stations.

With your toolboxes, ladders, and other equipment in place, you’ll always be ready to take your tool storage system on the road.

If the majority of your work is down in your garage or shop, then we can accommodate that, too.

The beauty of JobTamer tool organizers is that they fit into any workspace.

Talk to us about your worksite or work vehicle, and we’ll create a custom tool organizer setup from there!

Where to find JobTamer Tool Organizers

Made in Shipshewana, Indiana, JobTamer products aren’t hard to get ahold of if you’re a local.

If you’re interested in a tool organization system for your service vehicle, then stop by our location at 1085 N 850 W Shipshewana, IN 46565, or call us at 260-768-7336.

Don’t miss out on how efficient your workflow can be.

We understand the frustration of a chaotic workplace firsthand, and we know from experience that our tool organizers can help.

Contact us today at 260-768-7336—and change your worksite for the better.

Want more information? Visit the JobTamer website to learn more about tool organizers products and get a free quote!

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