Wellspring Secures Patent Pending for Big Ben Rotisserie 78

Big Ben 78 on trailer parked outside

Patent Lawyer Finds Big Ben Clamping Grates and Adjustable Rotisserie Original

On July 28, 2023, Norman Yoder of Wellspring Components secured a patent pending for the Big Ben Rotisserie 78. Previously, Norman had connected with a patent lawyer, who found the Big Ben’s clamping grates and adjustable rotisserie to be original.

The Journey of Innovation

Norman spent years looking for a clamping system that would accommodate his cooker. But unable to find the right clamps on the market, Norman took matters into his own hands. After ten years of perfecting the Big Ben, the final concept came together in 2022. Today, the clamps and the grates are made in-house at Wellspring Components.

Reflecting on the process, Norman said, “Less labor, less fuel, better quality. That’s what my goal was to start with. And it didn’t seem possible, but it is. And we get great reviews.”

The Unique Features of Big Ben Rotisserie 78

Designed like no other grilling system, the Big Ben offers rotisserie-style cooking on a large scale. This 4-point self-basting unit can cook 180 pounds of bone-in chicken in one batch. But it doesn’t stop there. Rotisserie grates are interchangeable with 8 Sandwich Grates (16” x 32”) or 8 Hanging Rotating Grates. All variations allow single-person operation and incredibly delicious results.

Looking Towards the Future

With the patent pending, Norman mentions that the original Big Ben Rotisserie 78 design will stay intact. However, there is talk of creating a three-section unit, which could hold even larger batches of meat. Or a smaller variation for homeowners. In the meantime, the Big Ben Rotisserie 78 works as a two-section unit and provides 30% savings in fuel usage compared to open pit grills.

Wellspring Components: A Tradition of High-Quality Blacksmithing

Located in Shipshewana, IN, Wellspring Components holds a rich history of blacksmithing. Since the mid-1950s, Wellspring has impressed the Michiana community with an unparalleled commitment to handmade, high-quality products. The innovative Big Ben Rotisserie 78 carries on the legacy of Big Ben, the founder and visionary behind Wellspring Components.

Discover Big Ben Rotisserie

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