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Grill Cabinets

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Alpha Series grill cabinet
All of our products are designed, manufactured, and tested in Indiana by our skilled team of craftsmen at Wellspring Components, LLC.
Our first priority is quality material and workmanship. That's why we create products that are minimalistic in design yet beautiful and affordable.
We combine Stainless, Powder-coated Aluminum, and HDPE high-density polyethylene to construct a product that holds up to the rigors of outdoor use.

Grill Cabinet Features

Polyethylene Doors
These UV resistant ½" doors will not corrode, tarnish, fade or rot. Along with the secure door latch and D-trim weather striping, the storage compartments provide ample room to keep all your grilling items safe and secure.
Powder Coated Body and Counter Top
Our cabinets our manufactured with UV, chip-resistant, powder coated all-welded aluminum. These materials provide an exceptionally durable, yet light weight body and work surface that will stand the test of time in a variety of outdoor climates. Easily cleaned with mild soap and a soft cloth, these colors maintain a fresh look in all types of environments.
Extra Heavy Duty Hardware
Our Powder Coated and Stainless Hardware will undoubtedly uphold to all seasons. Commercial trigger latches and hinges provide security as well as functionality for every day use. Each unit comes with 4” casters, making your cabinet maneuverable or securable on rough, uneven surfaces.

Grill Cabinet Construction

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