Turning Over a New Leaf: Rebranding Our BBQ Sauces and Seasonings

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From Wana Coach and Company to Wellspring Components, our focus has always been to keep our branding consistent.

When we first started blacksmithing in the mid-1950s, Wana Coach and Company focused on just one side of our innovative designs.

Today, Wellspring Components encompasses all our grill cabinets and equipment.

Now, with our sauces and seasonings we’re refining what represents these BBQ products best.

Why Our New Labels Will Say “Big Ben”

If you’ve been around Wellspring, you know that our work ethic stems back to Big Ben Miller. And the Big Ben Rotisserie carries on the name.

When we were thinking about rebranding our seasoning and sauce labels, we wanted to find a name that continued representing our vision.

The original labels had “Wellspring Bar-B-Que” on them, which we felt was pulling Wellspring Components in too many directions.

Our new labels will have “Big Ben” on them for two reasons.

First, Big Ben carries on the namesake of our founder, and second, the name Big Ben is already connected with one of our barbeque products.

With this rebranding, we hope new and old customers alike will see our sauces and seasonings as complements to the Big Ben Rotisserie.

When Did We Start Selling BBQ Sauces and Seasonings?

Wellspring Components dates back to the mid-1950s.

On the other hand, most of our sauces and seasonings go back around 15 years. However, we’ve added more seasonings within the past few years.

Some of our sauce recipes are generations old—although they’re not original to the Wellspring family.

A handful of our seasoning recipes are original, and all seasonings are mixed and made in Shipshewana.

Why Did We Start Selling BBQ Sauces and Seasonings?

Maybe you’re wondering how and why we started selling sauces and seasonings.

The answer is pretty straightforward: we weren’t satisfied with the barbeque sauces and seasonings that were on the market, so we decided to make our own.

We only specialize in two BBQ sauces, but they hold up to countless other options on the market.

Our seasoning selection includes more options for a variety of BBQ or savory meals.

In short, we started selling sauces and seasonings not only for our own benefit, but also to provide high-quality BBQ products for our customers.

Big Ben BBQ Sauces

Amazingly enough, since 2013, our Sweet and Savory BBQ Sauce has won multiple awards.

The Spicy Peach BBQ and Wing Sauce is just as delectable.

A bottle of our Sweet and Savory BBQ Sauce includes brown sugar, garlic, and spices to bring out incredible flavor as you grill.

Our Spicy Peach BBQ and Wing Sauce contains peaches, brown sugar, and crushed red pepper, which offer sweet and spicy notes in every bite.

Whether you’re grilling or need a dipping sauce, both of our BBQ sauces will meet your criteria as a cook.

Big Ben BBQ Seasonings

Made in-house, it’s easy to say we’re biased when it comes to our seasonings.

From the BBQ+, which goes well with a variety of meat, to our Taco/Enchilada Seasoning, which pairs better with Mexican-style dishes, we have seasonings for every occasion.

Made with habanero and paprika, we recommend our Sriracha Seasoning for those who love Sriracha Sauce.

Try the Italian Seasoning for pizzas, pasta, and savory dishes, and use the Meat Rub for anything from chicken to pork tenderloins.

If you’d like to taste-test our signature blends, then try out our Spice Sampler. This sampler includes four of our favorites: Fajita & Wings, Meat Rub, BBQ+, and Steak & Burger seasonings.

Whether you own a Big Ben Rotisserie or a generic grill, our seasoning flavors pair well with chicken, pork, beef, and countless other dishes.

New Name, Same Quality

As we move forward with rebranding our sauces and seasonings, we will stick to the same recipes we’ve used before.

We’re not changing our ingredients or our options; we’ve simply updated our labels for more consistent branding.

That means you can still savor the same high-quality BBQ flavors we’ve always provided.

For avid BBQ lovers, our bundles are a great way to view our rebranding—and enjoy a combination of our BBQ sauces and seasonings.

Shop Big Ben BBQ Products!

Four generations strong in blacksmithing, today, we’re proud to continue supplying grilling products that represent our founder, Big Ben Miller.

Don’t miss out on what barbecuing can be with spicy, savory, and mouthwatering Big Ben sauces and blends.

Shop our BBQ sauces and seasonings at 1085 N 850 W Shipshewana, IN 46565, or contact our dealers to ask about Big Ben products!

Savor Our BBQ Sauces & Seasonings

Take your BBQ meals to the next level with BBQ sauces and seasonings that are approved by the experts! Shop our signature sauce and seasoning blends to find out how Big Ben BBQ products make all the difference.
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